May 28-Sept 17
Pilgrim House
Provincetown, MA
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”
Sept 28
Milton Theatre
Milton, DE
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”
Oct 7-8
Club Cafe
Boston, MA
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”
Oct 8-15
Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda
Atlantis Events
Oct 21-28
Navigator Mexican Cruise
Atlantis Events
Nov 4-5
Triad Theatre
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”
Nov 12
DC’s Different Drummers
Atlas Performing Arts Center
Washington DC
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”
Nov 19
Diva Lounge @ Clarion Inn
New Hope, PA
“Cancel Cultured Pearls”

Play Bingo Bonanza
Every Monday until Ap 4th, then last Monday of the month.
8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 5 pm PT

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  1. Hey Lady
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
    Summer 2018 where can I find you in Ptown? Pilgrim House or Crown and Anchor?

    • No plans at the moment for Ogunquit. Love it there. Such a beautiful place and such wonderful folks up there! But it’s the same season as Ptown, so maybe you can come down my way?!?

  2. Thanks for coming to Rochester. Your performance was a total hoot and Ladies of Lyell Avenue appreciated the shout out.

  3. My daughter was wondering if you’ll be in Las Vegas in the future ? She loved you on Cake Boss and Samantha Brown shows.

    • Oh for goodness sake! I’m look and saw I did not respond to your kind question. I currently have no plans for Las Vegas. I’ve been there several times & enjoy it, but no return plans now. I am going to be at Martini’s Above Fourth in San Diego on Oct 30-31 & Palm Springs Nov 2. Close, but maybe not close enough. Thank you again for your kind words! Happy Autumn!
      Miss R

  4. After seeing you in P town two years ago, this Spartan family is ready to join Principal Maas and see you on Hennepin Ave. Will you be having Mpls shows this Christmas?

  5. Hello Miss Richfield 1981! Is your Ptown Summer 2022 schedule out yet? My man Marcos and I need to book our vacation around your show dates. You’re 99% of the reason we’re going to Ptown! 🙂
    Love, Dave and Marcos
    Bingo Bonanza Pride Episode Audience Members

    • My darlings! Thank you for the kind words! Yes, I will be doing my full summer at the Pilgrim House from Memorial Day until two weeks after Labor Day. Weekends in June and Sept., and M-F all of July and August! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

  6. Pingback: Summer 2022 is 20 for Me! | Miss Richfield 1981

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