Richfield, Minnesota's Oldest Suburb!
...and, dare I say, its GRANDEST!

Miss Richfield 1981 dedicates her life to the friendly citizens and responsible merchants of her hometown of Richfield, Minnesota. This Midwestern maven is winning over theater and cabaret audiences around the country with an interactive format that combines homespun warmth and edgy improv, leaving audiences in hysterics with a truly original performance.

Miss R with a heart on

Miss Richfield’s national appeal includes riotous appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Today” on NBC, as well as prestigious mentions, such as The New York Post recently honoring “Miss Richfield 1981 as the must-see act in Provincetown.”

As well as sell-out performances throughout the country, including LA, Chicago and New York, Miss R continues her sold-out reputation as the most successful act each summer at the Crown and Anchor in Provincetown, Mass. Miss R also finds time in her busy schedule to headline for Atlantis Events cruises and resort vacations, the largest LGBT vacation company.

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  1. I saw your show in P-town September 2 years ago… it was one of many highlights during my visit.

    My next visit to the “Cod” will certainly include a visit with you.

    Best wishes,

    Doug S.

  2. Dearest Miss R/Russ, Haven’t seen you in long time (don’t worry – I’m not a stalker) – it’s Jeannie ZaiKaner here. My, how we have all changed! My life is really different from those times when we could lay around my living room with impudence, drink wine, talk trash, listen to your stories,,,… I am now my mother’s caregiver, 24/7 with the help of my husband Bob (oh you remember him). My mom is 83 and ok, a little dementia, so we all live together – nothing fancy like diapering anything – although you could probably give med a few tips. So last night I am sitting with my mom watching/enduring my second hour of The Golden Girls, which you know that’s about when it actually becomes funny. And suddenly there you were – on my tv, looking right at me, having the time of your life in Philly – I have since learned that you are everywhere now, spreading your love and wisdom beyond these prairie dog hamlets – Mazel tov, big boy! Your career has really taken off and I am proud to know you and to watch your success bloom and conquer! And by the way, you look FABULOUS! Be cool, be healthy, be a lover!

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