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  1. Miss R, John from Indianapolis here. It appears your days or dates are incorrect for Hydrate in Chicago at the end of September. I should see you there in addition to P’town and maybe Roho Beach this summer. All the best! -John

  2. Miss R, we LOVED your show at the XL in NYC. The absolute BEST!!! we laughed all the way to NJ !!! Much love and continued success, Peggie the NJ “Cousin”

  3. Miss Richfield 1981,
    We want you to know that we have survived “chlamydia-19” and look forward to your return to the desert. We would love to see you on your multiple day tour, but cannot make it out to the east coast this summer.
    Paul (fat guy in the wheel chair)
    Gregg (skinny guy pushing Paul)
    Cathedral City / Palm Springs

    • You know I absolutely love Palm Springs! I feel at home when I’m there! Unfortunately I won’t be there this fall. So I hope to make it next year for Pride or right around that time! And hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer!

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