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Stay happy! Stay healthy! Stay home!


MR at GW in DC!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I jot down my correspondence today from my kitchen table in my trailer. It’s a bit of an adjustment, since I haven’t been home for an entire week since 1974.

But I’m getting used to it, after my last, glorious gig in Washington DC last Saturday with the DC Different Drummers. Celebrating their 40th season, this horn-tooting, gifted gaggle has symphonic, jazz and marching bands that play and march throughout the year.


Cherrie, my stylist at sea!

I carefully donned protective clothing for the show that went on as scheduled, thanks to George Washington University staying open until we left on Saturday night. The gates made a loud clank behind me, as I walked to the bus depot and boarded that dirty dog to get home.

Making adjustments seems to be the rule for this year, as earlier in February I spent 6 days on a cruise ship in New Zealand with no luggage! None!


Miss R is always in good company!

But the show must go on, so I borrowed clothes and donned new hair designed by Cherrie at the beauty salon aboard the Holland America Noordam. I also purchased a saw from a local hardware store! I love a challenge!

And I would do all that again and again, rather than not working! This spring is looking bleak, with my Atlantis Events cruise cancelled and other fun shows and appearances rescheduled. I’m still holding onto my bus ticket for Ptown this summer. Nothing will be allowed to interrupt our fun summer madness on old Cape Cod.


RBG & me, in real proportions!

We’ll be celebrating Ptown’s 400th anniversary, which only comes around every few years!

So, in the meantime, our job is to stay healthy and ensure that our friends and family stay well too! That means hunkering down and staying put at all cost! I’ve even taken my cosmetic bag, therapeutic pantyhose, and platform shoes and locked them in the janitor’s closet at church, so I won’t be tempted to run out to do another show!

But you don’t have to be lonely! Remember, if you can’t have the real deal, there are always bobbleheads awaiting delivery to your home to keep you company during this solitary time!

XO and one for Jesus!

Miss R