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Stay happy! Stay healthy! Stay home!


MR at GW in DC!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I jot down my correspondence today from my kitchen table in my trailer. It’s a bit of an adjustment, since I haven’t been home for an entire week since 1974.

But I’m getting used to it, after my last, glorious gig in Washington DC last Saturday with the DC Different Drummers. Celebrating their 40th season, this horn-tooting, gifted gaggle has symphonic, jazz and marching bands that play and march throughout the year.


Cherrie, my stylist at sea!

I carefully donned protective clothing for the show that went on as scheduled, thanks to George Washington University staying open until we left on Saturday night. The gates made a loud clank behind me, as I walked to the bus depot and boarded that dirty dog to get home.

Making adjustments seems to be the rule for this year, as earlier in February I spent 6 days on a cruise ship in New Zealand with no luggage! None!


Miss R is always in good company!

But the show must go on, so I borrowed clothes and donned new hair designed by Cherrie at the beauty salon aboard the Holland America Noordam. I also purchased a saw from a local hardware store! I love a challenge!

And I would do all that again and again, rather than not working! This spring is looking bleak, with my Atlantis Events cruise cancelled and other fun shows and appearances rescheduled. I’m still holding onto my bus ticket for Ptown this summer. Nothing will be allowed to interrupt our fun summer madness on old Cape Cod.


RBG & me, in real proportions!

We’ll be celebrating Ptown’s 400th anniversary, which only comes around every few years!

So, in the meantime, our job is to stay healthy and ensure that our friends and family stay well too! That means hunkering down and staying put at all cost! I’ve even taken my cosmetic bag, therapeutic pantyhose, and platform shoes and locked them in the janitor’s closet at church, so I won’t be tempted to run out to do another show!

But you don’t have to be lonely! Remember, if you can’t have the real deal, there are always bobbleheads awaiting delivery to your home to keep you company during this solitary time!

XO and one for Jesus!

Miss R

A Year of Fun and Frolic!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

15FCC645-1D92-4AE5-88DF-F0F2FDEE521D_1_201_aI am absolutely tickled to report that this busy beauty professional maintained her Crystal Zirconia status on the Greyhound again this year. Yes, 2019 marked another hectic year of touring the highways and byways of our great land, along with an occasional drifting out on the high homo seas.

But traveling is so lovely when your bus pass says, “Zirconia,” because that means free refills at the Koffee Korner, a complimentary pass to the smoking room, and early boarding right after the veterans, so you can find a seat with both an arm rest and tray table intact.

This year started at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis, as always, work shopping my new show. This year’s extravaganza, “Gender Fluids,” was both entertaining and educational as I celebrated all genders – old and new!A5DC737C-9C4B-419B-96EF-1C833F28948E_1_201_a

My first show on the road is always with Atlantis Events on a huge ship. This year it was the Allure of the Seas, holding 5,200 passengers, with a 1,400-seat auditorium to fill three times during the week. But I love it! My travels with Atlantis also took me to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tahiti, Cancun and the Dominican Republic, where I escaped poisoning by strictly drinking out of a garden hose for the entire week!

F602E415-1E49-471A-8BCF-F551D5A6CE7B_1_201_aTouring my show included theaters in many fun cities, such as Neighborhood House in Philly, Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, Studio Theater in Rochester NY, Vinegar Hills Music Theater in Kennebunk ME, Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center in Binghamton NY, Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach DE, and Martini’s Above Fourth in San Diego.

I think of myself as largely humble, but I had to be proud this year at both Palm Springs Pride in beautiful California, and World Pride in NYC! Both cities brought fun audiences to see me at the Palm Springs Cultural Center and in NYC at the Triad Theater, along with my Pride Family Movie Night on Chelsea Pier, with the sunset over the Hudson!1DA39CDE-827E-4611-815A-259A058D3635

Touring slows, but my shows pick up in the summer, with my 17-week residency in Provincetown, MA, on the tip of Old Cape Cod. This sleepy homo fishing village gets me on stage for 60 shows and many personal appearances for the 4th of July, Bear Week and Carnival Week – busy times, but good times! It’ll be even more fun this summer as the town celebrates its 400th anniversary!

Watch for me this coming year, as I launch my new 2020 show “Below the Belt”. I’m coming out swinging and hope you will too! There’s a lot in life worth fighting for and I hope you’ll join me in the ring!

Until then, here’s one for you and one for Jesus,
Miss R

Books, Buses, & Boats – My Life!


Hi-dee-ho to all my darling prairie dogs!

fullsizeoutput_4bbb.jpegAfter a busy Ptown summer, I was thrilled to head home for my annual Story Time at the Augsburg Library in Richfield. A pack of fun kids were waiting for me to read them a story or two. fullsizeoutput_4bbd.jpegWe bonded with songs and dancing and books! I’m already looking forward to next year!

But now I have to get back on the bus for my “Gender Fluids” fall tour. The Greyhound will motor me west again to the coastal waters of LA, where Atlantis Events takes a boatload of homos to Mexico Oct 20-27. Then back on dry land, I’ll celebrate Halloween in San Diego at Martinis Above Fourth for two shows Wed & Thurs, Oct. 30-31. Then it’s directly to Palm Springs Pride for another exciting weekend at the Palm Springs Cultural Center with my show Sat, Nov 2, then the parade on Sunday. And finally, I take a really, really long bus trip to Punta Cana, D.R., for an Atlantis Events Club Med experience Nov 4-9! Please visit my date book to get tickets and more info!

fullsizeoutput_4bd0And let me tell ya, this traveling ain’t free! My faithful and gracious sponsors Orbitz, Palm Springs Tourism, and Atlantis Events, provide me with travel and so much more. Again this year, we’re giving away a free trip! Congratulations to new cruiser, Rob Zochowski, whose name I pulled out of 2282 contest entries from this summer’s shows. Rob and his husband will join me on the Atlantis Events Oasis of The Seas Jan 19-26. They’ll enjoy beautiful islands, amazing shows and parties, along with catering to my every need.

Lt2esgh3SyuSdr+GXacY8QAnd hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner! So may I suggest a way to make your gift buying so much easier this holiday season — just go with a one-of-a-kind, all-new, limited edition Miss Richfield bobblehead! This delight is available now in the Miss Richfield Online Store. Your loved ones will be left speechless by the beautiful packaging, and breathless by the beauty inside!

Stay tuned for Richfield 2020. I’m not sure what is coming, but I’m feeling a little roweled up and ready for a fight! After all, we’ll be seeing plenty of election ads, debating politicians, and no more “Madame Secretary”! fullsizeoutput_4b95So I’m thinking we all might be a bit short of patience and ready for the voice of reason – Me!

Thanks for taking the time to read my modest correspondence, what with everything you must have going on this season – setting the clocks back, buying gluten free candy for trick or treaters, and watching football can be so exhausting.

XO and one for Jesus, Miss R


Summer is ‘Clubbing’ with Lea, hanging with myself, & sweating like a dog!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!fullsizeoutput_4a73.jpeg

Summer is going swimmingly this year! It’s such fun to be part of the 2019 season in Ptown, where it’s both historic and new at the same time!

On the historic end of things, I’m again driving up and down Commercial Street waving to the crowds and inviting them to my new show “Gender Fluids” at 9 pm in the Pilgrim House. I find, however, that I spend most of my time gently requesting people move out of my way.

And the crowds have been lovely through July 4th, Bear Week, Girls Splash, Family Week and beyond!

fullsizeoutput_4a66.jpegI’ve also been visited by ghosts! One night not long ago, I looked out into the crowd and saw visions of myself. I wasn’t sure if my distant family showed up from overseas, the beauty bus from Richfield pulled into town, or I’d taken too many Pamprin with codeine. But as it turned out, it was just a gaggle of gays dressed up like me. Those “guys” really know how to flatter a gal, not to mention how fitting it was for my new gender show!

fullsizeoutput_4a6d.jpegNow onto the newer side of Ptown life! My gal pal Lea DeLaria is showing off her new digs, “The Club”, at 193A Commercial St. You might remember it as the old Pied, across the street from Spiritus Pizza!

Lea did it up with new furnishings and colors and even a beautiful grand piano for her new stage. She’s serving up the food and drinks, along with a bevy of talent from up & down the street, and up & down the coast! My buddies Brian Nash and Natalie Joy Johnson are coming up every Wednesday from NYC, along with a host of other jazzy celebs! And it’s also nice to just pull in for a beverage on the deck and watch the tide come and go under your feet.


And this summer has been one for beverages! Yikes, it has been hotter than a hound, as you can see by my four-legged friend who came along for a photo after my show.

I always try to be down to earth with my fans, and this was certainly no exception! It’s also why I always lace my pantyhose with flea powder!

So I guess that catches ya up on all the news from my exciting summer so far. Don’t forget in just over a week, Carnival begins! Watch for me in the parade with the Boston Harbor Cruise float. Yikes, I think I’m driving again this year!

So until we meet again!
XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

Loud & Proud at NYC Family Movie Nite!


Happy Pride Season! Happy World Pride! Happy 50th Stonewall Anniversary to all!


Old friend Tony, Gary & Nicholas!

This is cause for celebration, so I got on the bus to New York City, the center of all the festivities, and headed for Pier 45! There I found my beautiful familes and kids and homos and everybody at the NYC Pride Family Movie Night again this year!


It was perfection again, as the days and days of dreary, miserable rain cleared out completely at 2 pm, so we could dry off and spread out blankets on the lovely lawn just off Christopher Street to eat and play and watch the gorgeous sunset! Then the evening culminated with the fabulous and interesting Pixar motion picture, “Coco”, which made me fall in love with Halloween all over again!



Me and my girls looking good!

What a fun evening. And just as I’m launching full-steam ahead at the Pilgrim House in Ptown for my 17th summer. I’m already six weeks into my season doing “Gender Fluids” every Wednesday through Sunday until Friday, Sept. 13.



Familiar faces! Athena & Dad!

Then, as I head back home, I’ll be making a slight detour, landing at the Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center in Owego, NY, about 30 minutes from my buddies in Binghamton. I’ll be doing “Gender Fluids” there too on Sunday, Sept. 15! They’re so organized, you can already get tickets for the show!



NYC Pride Guys David & Cary!


I hope you’ll plan to see me sometime this summer and hang out on the beautiful Cape Cod! You can get here by air and land and sea. So there’s no excuse not coming!


Keep in touch! All my love and one to Jesus!
Miss R


Where Did 2018 Go?!?


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!fullsizeoutput_4645.jpeg

Happy 2019! Looking back on last year, it’s hard to believe anything could be better.

I had a wonderful summer at the Pilgrim House, my new home in Provincetown. Such fun to be at a new address on the eastside in new surroundings! And Ptown is one fun event after the other. I had a great time on the Boston Harbor float again at Carnival.

fullsizeoutput_4648.jpegAnd when I got home, I had to head to Augsburg Park Library in Richfield! I read to a delightful and sweet group of children who ranged in age from 9 months to 9 years old. They were such good listeners and so interesting, I’m reminded that our young people always give me hope that we’ll all be OK if we let them take over!fullsizeoutput_4662.jpeg

Of course, I can’t ignore my other civic duty – VOTING! I don’t think I need to remind you that we’ll be gearing up for that again in the coming year! And this next time at the rodeo will be an important one!

fullsizeoutput_466a.jpegI adore all my sponsors, Orbitz, Atlantis Events and Gay Palm Springs! Such fun and love from each of them. I get to be in Palm Springs every year for their festive and warm Pride in November. This year I rode the parade on my two-wheeler from my friends at Bike Palm Springs Rental.

The conclusion of 2018 was celebrating my 20th year of doing holiday shows at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis. Hard to believe I was just 9 years old when I started. And my KARE 11 buddy Pat Evans helped me celebrate on his TV show one snowy afternoon!fullsizeoutput_466c

So I head into the new year with thanks to all of you who so faithfully support me and look forward to seeing many of you on the highways and byways this year! Check out my datebook to see my complete schedule of theaters and music halls and cruises and resorts and, of course, Ptown!

Make your resolution to be kind and loving in 2019!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!


Peggy LeeHello to all my darling prairie dogs!

What a glorious summer season for this beauty professional!

It started in May, when the lovely and historic Pilgrim House in Ptown welcomed me as my new home with my new show, “Born Again.” The response was kind and financially sound, permitting me to set the cat food aside this fall and enjoy my tuna from Bumble Bee rather than Purina.

Such wonderful news only gets better when you see I rubbed shoulders, or rather over-processed hair (see photo), with Miss Peggy Lee. She was performing with the mega-talented Liberace, who I did not get to meet. Lee seemed a bit preoccupied with Tea Dances and getting a tour of Dick’s Dock, wherever that is!

Not all my new friends were elderly, like the two Lees, I made a bunch of new pals when Camp Lightbulb attended my show (see photo). Kids.jpgThis nice group gives me hope that all will be fine if we just leave the future up to our young people!

Carnival Week celebrated a 40th anniversary this year (see photo). I was honored, along with only 39 others, as grand marshals of the parade, floating my way down Commercial Street for the 3rd year in a row with my pals from Boston Harbor Cruises (see photo).

BHC.PNGIt may surprise you, but I also carve out some “me time,” when I frequent Essentials. This compact, yet luxurious store is run by my friend Laura and is a much-needed respite after a grueling evening with the masses. The patrons of this convenient boutique are often most fashionable and interesting, such as my artist friend David (see photo), who designed and purchased from the Stop and Shop a cake with my photo!

Also I must give thanks to my wonderful sponsors, Palm Springs Gay Tourism, Orbitz and Atlantis Events, for making, not only my summer fabulous, but my whole year a financial joy!Essentials.jpg

NOW SEE WHAT’S NEXT: I’ll be in San Diego at Martini’s Above Fourth Wed & Thur, Oct. 10-11, Atlantis Events Mexican Riviera Cruise Oct 14-21, Palm Springs Cultural Center Sat, Nov 3, and Club Atlantis Vallarta Nov 4-10. Then home for the holidays at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis Nov 30 – Dec 22.

Whew, a review of that schedule makes me realize I need to secure my girdle and rinse out my pantyhose – pronto!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R