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L-O-V-E Provincetown All Summer!



Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Just bought my bus ticket for Provincetown, MA, where I’ll be for the entire 2018 summer season! This year you can see me in my new summer home, The Pilgrim House, which used to be Sage. It’s super easy to find across the street from Land’s End TrueValue Hardware on Commerical Street! Or next door to the Purple Feather – yum yum!

I think you’ll love my new room, with new comfortable chairs and a delicious restaurant and bar to enjoy before and after the show!

Buy Tickets Now!

I’ll be doing weekends in June. Then at the end of June I start my 5-day week schedule, performing on Wednesdays through Sundays until Labor Day. Then two more weekends in September.

A total of 65 shows this year!!!

It’s been a long, cold, crazy winter. So make plans now to head to Old Cape Cod for a bit of summer fun.

XO and one for Jesus!
Miss R


I’m Sharing the Good News!


fullsizeoutput_3a4aHello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m jotting a quick note, as I head to the bus depot for my next Greyhound excursion. I have to hurry, as I take my ministry on the road to Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Tampa/St. Pete’s, and my first-ever visit to the lovely City of Rochester, NY!

Such fun places and so many new friends to meet with my new show, “Born Again.”

Many of you know that I spent the last two years rubbing shoulders with our political system. I ran for President in 2016 with “Red Lips to the White House.” Then I attempted to create a more livable world through vertical reality in “2020 Vision.”

But I’ve moved on to the spiritual realm, which I’m finding is a perfect fit for me and my beauty career. Since I’m already so pretty on the outside, and that’s what people see first, I think this spiritual approach could be fun for awhile.

I’m finding there are many opinions and ideas out there about church and so forth. And I may be on the verge of finding the true religion that could finally put all this fussing and fighting behind us!

So come see me and tell me about your spiritual journey. Mine starts on the bus!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

New Year, New Lives


New Year’s story time at the Ptown Public Library

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I had a lovely time, closing out 2017 and looking ahead to the New Year! I was in Ptown to perform my quality holiday multi-media extravaganza at the Pilgrim House.

But before I did my show, I was invited to be part of a children’s story time at the Provincetown Public Library. And if you ever find yourself depressed and scared about the future, just spend some time with our kids and you’ll be encouraged!

I was so impressed with these little guys and gals. We had fun reading and talking and I even played  “Over the Rainbow” on my musical saw! It just seemed perfect with the diversity theme that was set up by Emily at the Family Equality Council.

We had cookies too, provided by my pals at the Pilgrim House!

So I’m not heading into 2018 shaking in my boots! I’m shaking my maracas and my tambourine, and skipping into the new year! I wish the same for all of you! And don’t forget to check my date book, as I’m heading out to New York City, Rochester, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Washington DC, along with my wonderful Atlantis cruises!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

Holiday Tickets Available NOW!


2017 Xmas IMG_1807Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

So happy that I did not take the Xmas lights down from my trailer last year, because it’s already time to put them back up! That’s right! Tickets are already on sale for my holiday shows at:

Illusion Theater, Minneapolis! 12 shows, Dec. 1-23.

Sage, Provincetown! New location! 2 shows on Sat, Dec. 30!

And soon tickets for my show on Wed, Dec 27, at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, DE, will be on sale too!

It’ll be so much fun celebrating the holidays with my friends at home and on the road. Ptown will be even more exciting as I perform in my new theater at Sage.

And my show will be new and traditional too! I’ll be bringing back some of my very favorite segments, like my sing along, as well as offering new holiday ideas brought on by these current, exciting days we’re enjoying!

So please take a moment and start your holiday shopping now! You know Miss R holiday show tickets are the perfect gift – they can’t return them!

XO and one for Jesus!
Miss R

Summer is East! Autumn is West!


With friends at NYC Pride Family Movie Night

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I can’t believe it’s over! It’s with mixed feelings that I prepare for my annual Greyhound journey back to Richfield, Minnesota. I love to go home, but I’ve such a great summer, it’s hard to leave!


My new friend Lee on her 100th! That’s me sitting in the walker!

The summer was a fun few months of parades and parties and people! I made a new friend celebrating a 100th birthday and reunited with old friends I hadn’t seen in 100 years! I grew a beard for the 4th of July and boarded a boat float with Boston Harbor Cruises for Carnival!


Carnival Parade with Neptune & the wonderful float of Boston Harbor Cruises!

I was again honored to host the Drag Brunch at Patio on Friday of Carnival Week, where Joachim, Mark and the staff of Patio and Pepe’s raised $43,000 for Helping Our Women! Wow, another record year!

But now I’m heading west for the next few months! Soon I will be visiting my friends in San Diego at Martinis Above Fourth – one of my all-time favorite places to perform – such a beautiful facility in such a beautiful city. I’ll be there Wed and Thurs, Oct 11 & 12, just before I board another fabulous Atlantis cruise for a trip down Mexico way!

Then I get home only long enough to wash out my pantyhose and journey back west to celebrate Homo Pride in Palm Springs. I’ll be riding my bicycle in the parade and around town, but also doing my show at the Camelot Theater on Sat, Nov. 4!


Ladies of the House of LeMay, Stella and me at Drag Brunch!

Finally in mid-November and December I’m home for the Thanksgiving and my holiday show at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis for the first 3 weeks of December. Whew!

So I hope to see you all on the road, or on a ship, or maybe at The Hub in Richfield!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

Getting a Slice of Summer!


fullsizeoutput_2e35Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Summer is officially here! I got my slice of watermelon and I’m out on the streets of Ptown.

What a great feeling to chat with friends from years ago, friends I just met, and friends I’d like to meet – if you know what I mean – wink, wink! I love being young and single!

The weather’s been a bit cool, but the crowds have been hot during the start of June on the Cape. I officially kicked it off on Memorial Day and I’m running fast and furious until Labor Day.

So make Provincetown a part of your summer plans.

I’m also heading out to Rehoboth Beach, DE, in June and August for shows at the Blue Moon. And the Laurie Beechman Theatre will be my home in NYC on Wed, June 21 for a make-up show, since the weather closed me down in March. I don’t want to hear any more about Minnesota weather!

For a complete list of dates all the way through November, just consult my datebook right here!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

Is it Tax Time or Ticket Time?!?


I’m so busy, I’m hiring an assistant!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

You might be thinking “Taxes,” but I’m thinking “Tickets!”

I’m wrapping up my West Coast tour and soon will be heading the complete opposite direction when I motor to old Cape Cod for the summer.

My new show “2020 Vision” is on sale at the Crown & Anchor where I’ll be hoofing it on the boards from Memorial Day until Labor Day!

Get your tickets now – click and scroll down.

I’ve been touring the new show for several months now and everyday it seems to get more current and precise. In fact, I almost have it memorized, which usually doesn’t happen until mid-July!

Goodness, I hope I don’t peak early!

It’s been a busy season. In fact my schedule has become so hectic that I may be employing a hand puppet for my less demanding appearances in the near future. It could work for later nights when people aren’t paying as close attention and it would definitely cut down on my budget for gum and Sanka. I think it could also prove quite convenient because, unlike most of my outfits, the puppet is machine washable.

I’ll keep you posted on that. But until then, make your plans for Ptown.

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R