I’m Ba-a-ack!


Jan. 20, 2006

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m back! I’ve dusted off my portable Smith Corona typewriter and purchased a new pack of carbon paper. So I am ripe and ready to correspond once again with my adoring fans.

It has been quite the year for me, as some of you haveheard. Just last April after a very successful tour of swap meets in the greater Louisville area, I returned to Richfield to find that my beautiful, 1974 TravelCo trailer was gone! Gone! And not just my trailer, which conveniently backed up to the electric fence at the end of runway two – Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport – but all the trailers were gone, even my parents’ double wide. Turns out they closed the trailer park to extend the darn runway and forgot to tell us about it. Imagine the surprise when everyone came home from work that day!

Anywho, when you’re in ministry like me, you’re used to making sacrifices. So I made lemonade from the pickle I was in, and immediately called Bob Grotto, a deacon at A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Lutheran Church in Richfield, my home congregation. Bob and his wife, Doris, own a semi-lovely motel in Richfield called, “The Lady Slipper.” It’s also the name of our Minnesota State flower. With rentals by the day, or the week, which is the payment plan my parents and I have selected, or even the hour, all are welcomed. Remember if you arrive after dark, look for the (hand) Lady Lipper, as the “S” has been out since 1978.

It’s all worked out for the best, as my parents and I have adjoining rooms, connected with one of those fancy two-way doors. So I can go in anytime I want to see my mom and dad or use the hotplate. It’s all at the Lady Slipper: wall-to-wall carpeting – the indoor/outdoor kind I don’t have to vacuum. Black velvet originals – bolted right to the walls – I’ll never need to straighten another picture. And – linen service every third week. I’m gonna get spoiled.

Well, I have to run now, but I’ll be in touch.

XXOO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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