Sinking My Big Choppers Into The Big Apple!


Jan. 27, 2006

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs,

I’m a big city gal this week, as I road the dirty dog out east to sink my pearly choppers into the Big Apple.

And once again my visit was largely due to the generosity of my home congregation, A Mighty Fortress is Our God Lutheran Church in Richfield. The Esther Circle, this real nice Christian ladies group I belong to, paid my Greyhound bus fare – one-way from Minneapolis all the way here to this godless Mecca that millions call home!

Such a friendly city continues to greet me daily! In fact I’m not one bit worried about my future bus fare, because last night as I strolled back to my room at Manhattan Mini-Storage, these concerned single gentlemen in cars kept stopping and offering me money. And they say big city folk don’t care!

But these new friends are just a fringe benefit. My real purpose in NYC is to plan my summer progrum. This year’s production introduces a new business prospect that I think you’ll find astonishing and wise. Unfortunately I cannot discuss it yet, as the deal will be sealed tomorrow when I deliver a cashier’s check – my checking account is once again unavailable for the next few months.

To find out the whole story, you’ll have to motor to Old Cape Cod and join me at the Crown and Anchor Cabaret this summer in Rhode Island. Just look for the big yellow building by the lake!

Now I must depart and find my key to this storage pod, so I can get out of here and head for Miami. I’ll be attending another peaceful, quiet Atlantis Events cruise on the high seas of the Caribbean. I can’t wait, as I simply adore the Mexicans!

Adios amigos … XXOO and one to Jesus,
Miss Richfield 1981

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