I’m Updated!


Feb. 19, 2007

To my dear, devoted prairie dogs!

I’ve updated my website – and it’s only been one year! I simply adore technology that allows for such frequent and seamless maintenance. Even though this invisible world of the internet is creepy and weird, I believe it is the medium of tomorrow. I love being ahead of the curve, and that reminds me that my Curves class has been outstanding, especially since I found them again. I’d been attending the local Curves class in Richfield, which is a workout for gals who don’t want men leering at them while they’re grunting and shuffling to the music. Usually gathering in an old abandon storefront or doughnut shop, these gals “move” or “are moved” behind heavily draped casements. Take one quick glance of these ladies in T-shirts, and leotards, and you’ll understand the need for covered windows and bulletproof glass.

After three months of almost perfect attendance, I had to quit going when the class moved and did not post a notice as to their whereabouts. Apparently I had missed the announcement again. This happened in October too!
Of course I got on the horn and started making calls, and strangely enough, none of my classmates were home – ever. So I just kept an eye out for heavy-set women with sweaty foreheads, and gym bags, not to mention the smell of burning lycra as their thighs rub together while racing off to class.

Well, I’ll be darned if I didn’t find those gals in the back room of Arlene Swanson’s Academy of Paint By Number in Richfield. I never would have found them if I hadn’t gone in to register for Arlene’s Lenten Last Supper class, which requires 9 colors.

When I walked in the door, you should have seen the surprise and shock, as well as a few who uttered of “What the …?” You know people are surprised when they can’t even finish a sentence!

I had to inform them that I will be gone now for a couple of weeks, since I’ll be joining the homos of Atlantis Events on a Rio Cruise. Tomorrow I am on the Greyhound, heading to Buenos Aires. It’s going to be a fun 372-hour trip. And this is an especially lovely tour for me, as I’m crazy about those Mexicans!

My maracas are shaking as we speak!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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