Back from Brazil – I adore the 3rd World!


March 5, 2007

To my dear, devoted prairie dogs!

I am just off the bus from Brazil! Car rumba, those are good looking Mexicans down there!

We had such fun on this Atlantis Cruise. Our boat started off in Buenos Aires, then motored to other Third World countries like Uruguay and Brazil, not to mention some Fourth and Fifth World nations with difficult names I can’t spell.

I didn’t know what the native people were saying, but I assume they were happy because every time they looked at me, the foreigners smiled and laughed.

Home is lovely, although you can barely see the trailer with all the new snow in Richfield. Normally my trailer is easy to find, because it is a real nice shade of aqua marine. But with the acid rain turning the snow a sea foam color, it took me 45 minutes to find the door.

Fortunately the pink plastic geraniums I have decorating the hitch were slightly visible, or I’d still be out in the cold.

My stay is sweet, but short. I will be leaving on Saturday to attend another Atlantis Cruise out of Puerto Rico. Of all the foreign countries I visit, Puerto Rico is one of my favorites.

Lucky for me, I am ready for traveling with the help of Thud Thaden, the guy who does our maintenance at the trailer park, Thud graciously exchanged all of my American dollars into Puerto Rico money, so I can start shopping the moment I arrive!

Be a blessing to someone today!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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