I’m Exhausted!


March 23, 2007

Hello to all my darling, devoted prairie dogs!

How I’ve missed you all. I would have written earlier, but my exhausted physical state would not allow!

The most unbelievable mishap took me by surprise this week. I returned from Puerto Rica – and oh the bus ride was long and tiresome, not mention a bit wet. Have you ever taken the Greyhound to Puerto Rica? Wear something waterproof with a pair of drip-dry paten shoes, as that dirty dog gets moist.

The Atlantis Cruise could not have been more agreeable. On board friends included Tim and Randy who run the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, DE, a favorite performance haunt of mine. Those crazy homos has been together for 27 years! It’s so lesbionic that sometimes I call them gals by mistake, particularly when Tim wears those darn maternity tops.

Also on the trip were other dear folks in the entertainment world, such as my pal Edie. She’s always kicking up her heels in the most family, wholesome sort of fashion. And of course Pamala Stanley was there banging away on the ebonies and ivories. Good ole’ Stanley relies on me so insistently for vocal coaching and make-up suggestions. (I wish she ask to borrow a Miss R gown just once.)

As per my mishap getting home, I hope you’ll forgive me for getting personal, but since we’re friends I’ll confide in you – I forgot to buy toilet paper for the last three days! Now for some of you that would not be a problem, as you’d use napkins, paper-towels, coffee filters or Post-It notes. But for me, I cannot slumber without toilet paper, as I must wrap my naturally raven bubble in Charmain or I cannot sleep a wink.

So I have been up for three days. Everyday I go about my business and by about 9 p.m. I realize that I’m out of TP and by then the Richfield 7-11 is closed! I wonder why they don’t call it a 7-9? Anyway, I’m getting so forgetful. You know I’d forget my head, if it wasn’t nailed on.

Finally my neighbor Joanne Hovelson loaned me a roll of Scott tissue. It’s scratchy and harsh, and I’m sure I’ll chafe, but at least I’ll get some sleep tonight. I must rest, as my day tomorrow begins with a bus trip to Chi-town for my Chicago debut!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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