Doing My Part For HAM!


April 1, 2007

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs,

I’m just off the bus from Old Chi-town, where I made my Windy City debut. Fortunately I brought my good hair with the chinstrap, so everything went smoothly. What a fun, fun city filled with homos of the nicest variety. Thanks goes out to Mark of Hydrate, and his most recent gal, Rich, for hosting my stay with lovely lunches and complimentary beverages! Invitations for a return engagement would be welcomed!

But I returned home just in time, as my philanthropic skills will be called upon immediately.

Take a gander at the adjacent photo, which was snapped on a recent Atlantis cruise. Look closely and you’ll see that I have a darling child under each wing and one on my attractive outfit.

The little girl on my outfit has a larger than average head. Why, you ask? That is because I am an official spokeswoman for the impending Hydrocephalic Awareness Month (HAM). Yes, April is the time when I visit Hydrocephalic wards in hospitals all over the Twin Cities!

So if you know of anyone has HAM (water on the brain), or friends and relatives with larger than average heads, give them a call this month. And send me a check, made out to me.

Now I must run, as I’m pouring coffee after our Sunday evening service tonight! I hope Louise Arden brings her “Oh, So Good Bars!” An interpretation for you godless non-believers, these tasty treats are a coconut, graham cracker, chocolate chip delight, soaked in condensed milk, also known as “Hello Dolly Bars” or “Seven Layer Bars!” One of these days I’m going to get that recipe and I’ll publish it for you!

Happy HAM!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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