Heading to the Islands!


My GayshaHello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m off to Tahiti! Being that I’m not great with directions, I’m bringing my Oriental best, along with a set of maracas and my yellow sombrero. You just never know and I want to be prepared!

So much is happening as I wrap up my spring tour through Puerto Vallarta, Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta and New York to name a few of my favorite places. I adore travel to such exotic locales, but now I must look forward to Provincetown and Rehoboth Beach and Ogunquit – all my summer haunts!

I’ll be bringing my new show “Red Lips to the White House” along with me to all of these places because I need more votes. Thank goodness that The Donald is making a few mistakes along the way. He certainly has made some crazy comments about Mexicans, Muslims, abortion, women and war – all issues I avoid because there are too many opinions!

I’ve been keeping my campaign focused on me, a subject I find a lot of agreement on – once people know who I am.

Running for office is tough and expensive! So I’m just trying to get money wherever I can. Like the other day in New York City, I was getting my sweater out of a locker at the Port Authority and ran into a swarthy fellow in a long robe. He offered me $5 to take his package onto the bus for New Jersey.

Of course I said I could not, as that is prohibited! But then he showed me it was only an alarm clock and a set of nunchucks. Unfortunately I was only going as far as Hoboken and he wanted it delivered to someplace closer to Newark. The worse part was that he insisted on getting his $5 back.

Watch for me in Ptown, Reho and Ogunquit this summer! And buy tickets! I need more campaign money!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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