Oopsie, Put it in Reverse!


IMG_0500.JPGDarling Prairie Dogs!

My assistant was helping me with that last correspondence, since I was ordering pizza for lunch! Anywho, she reversed the linkage for my quality shows on the West Coast!

I was notified by an alert fan! Thank goodness I accepted the charges!

So I’m notifying all of you in case you’re ordering on your computers. And I hope you will pre-order, because then I know you’re coming and I won’t worry! Tickets also make great gifts for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or Chanukah (Jewish Xmas)!

So here are the corrected linkages for:

  • San Diego at Martinis Above Fourth on Wed & Thurs, Oct. 26 & 27.
  • Palm Springs at the fabulous Camelot Theatres on Sat, Nov. 5th for Pride Weekend!

Hope to see you all California fruits and nuts real soon!
XO and one for “you-know-who”!
Miss R


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