Is it Tax Time or Ticket Time?!?


I’m so busy, I’m hiring an assistant!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

You might be thinking “Taxes,” but I’m thinking “Tickets!”

I’m wrapping up my West Coast tour and soon will be heading the complete opposite direction when I motor to old Cape Cod for the summer.

My new show “2020 Vision” is on sale at the Crown & Anchor where I’ll be hoofing it on the boards from Memorial Day until Labor Day!

Get your tickets now – click and scroll down.

I’ve been touring the new show for several months now and everyday it seems to get more current and precise. In fact, I almost have it memorized, which usually doesn’t happen until mid-July!

Goodness, I hope I don’t peak early!

It’s been a busy season. In fact my schedule has become so hectic that I may be employing a hand puppet for my less demanding appearances in the near future. It could work for later nights when people aren’t paying as close attention and it would definitely cut down on my budget for gum and Sanka. I think it could also prove quite convenient because, unlike most of my outfits, the puppet is machine washable.

I’ll keep you posted on that. But until then, make your plans for Ptown.

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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