Summer is ‘Clubbing’ with Lea, hanging with myself, & sweating like a dog!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!fullsizeoutput_4a73.jpeg

Summer is going swimmingly this year! It’s such fun to be part of the 2019 season in Ptown, where it’s both historic and new at the same time!

On the historic end of things, I’m again driving up and down Commercial Street waving to the crowds and inviting them to my new show “Gender Fluids” at 9 pm in the Pilgrim House. I find, however, that I spend most of my time gently requesting people move out of my way.

And the crowds have been lovely through July 4th, Bear Week, Girls Splash, Family Week and beyond!

fullsizeoutput_4a66.jpegI’ve also been visited by ghosts! One night not long ago, I looked out into the crowd and saw visions of myself. I wasn’t sure if my distant family showed up from overseas, the beauty bus from Richfield pulled into town, or I’d taken too many Pamprin with codeine. But as it turned out, it was just a gaggle of gays dressed up like me. Those “guys” really know how to flatter a gal, not to mention how fitting it was for my new gender show!

fullsizeoutput_4a6d.jpegNow onto the newer side of Ptown life! My gal pal Lea DeLaria is showing off her new digs, “The Club”, at 193A Commercial St. You might remember it as the old Pied, across the street from Spiritus Pizza!

Lea did it up with new furnishings and colors and even a beautiful grand piano for her new stage. She’s serving up the food and drinks, along with a bevy of talent from up & down the street, and up & down the coast! My buddies Brian Nash and Natalie Joy Johnson are coming up every Wednesday from NYC, along with a host of other jazzy celebs! And it’s also nice to just pull in for a beverage on the deck and watch the tide come and go under your feet.


And this summer has been one for beverages! Yikes, it has been hotter than a hound, as you can see by my four-legged friend who came along for a photo after my show.

I always try to be down to earth with my fans, and this was certainly no exception! It’s also why I always lace my pantyhose with flea powder!

So I guess that catches ya up on all the news from my exciting summer so far. Don’t forget in just over a week, Carnival begins! Watch for me in the parade with the Boston Harbor Cruise float. Yikes, I think I’m driving again this year!

So until we meet again!
XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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