A Year of Fun and Frolic!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

15FCC645-1D92-4AE5-88DF-F0F2FDEE521D_1_201_aI am absolutely tickled to report that this busy beauty professional maintained her Crystal Zirconia status on the Greyhound again this year. Yes, 2019 marked another hectic year of touring the highways and byways of our great land, along with an occasional drifting out on the high homo seas.

But traveling is so lovely when your bus pass says, “Zirconia,” because that means free refills at the Koffee Korner, a complimentary pass to the smoking room, and early boarding right after the veterans, so you can find a seat with both an arm rest and tray table intact.

This year started at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis, as always, work shopping my new show. This year’s extravaganza, “Gender Fluids,” was both entertaining and educational as I celebrated all genders – old and new!A5DC737C-9C4B-419B-96EF-1C833F28948E_1_201_a

My first show on the road is always with Atlantis Events on a huge ship. This year it was the Allure of the Seas, holding 5,200 passengers, with a 1,400-seat auditorium to fill three times during the week. But I love it! My travels with Atlantis also took me to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tahiti, Cancun and the Dominican Republic, where I escaped poisoning by strictly drinking out of a garden hose for the entire week!

F602E415-1E49-471A-8BCF-F551D5A6CE7B_1_201_aTouring my show included theaters in many fun cities, such as Neighborhood House in Philly, Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, Studio Theater in Rochester NY, Vinegar Hills Music Theater in Kennebunk ME, Ti-Ahwaga Performing Arts Center in Binghamton NY, Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach DE, and Martini’s Above Fourth in San Diego.

I think of myself as largely humble, but I had to be proud this year at both Palm Springs Pride in beautiful California, and World Pride in NYC! Both cities brought fun audiences to see me at the Palm Springs Cultural Center and in NYC at the Triad Theater, along with my Pride Family Movie Night on Chelsea Pier, with the sunset over the Hudson!1DA39CDE-827E-4611-815A-259A058D3635

Touring slows, but my shows pick up in the summer, with my 17-week residency in Provincetown, MA, on the tip of Old Cape Cod. This sleepy homo fishing village gets me on stage for 60 shows and many personal appearances for the 4th of July, Bear Week and Carnival Week – busy times, but good times! It’ll be even more fun this summer as the town celebrates its 400th anniversary!

Watch for me this coming year, as I launch my new 2020 show “Below the Belt”. I’m coming out swinging and hope you will too! There’s a lot in life worth fighting for and I hope you’ll join me in the ring!

Until then, here’s one for you and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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