Wear Your “Cancel Cultured Pearls”! Tickets Are On Sale!


I’m polishing my pearl necklace and getting dressed up for my new season with my new show, “Cancel Cultured Pearls”. I’ll soon be hitting the road for Cancun, Boston, and Rehoboth Beach, along with my summer residence in Ptown!

As you know, I am an up-to-the-minute gal with fashion, faith, and skin care. But this year, I added social trends with a salute to our sensitive, new world and the cancel culture. I’ve never cancelled anything in my life, but I hear it’s the new craze and I don’t want to be left out!

So if you’re coming to Ptown this summer, BUY TICKETS NOW and you’ll have one less detail to worry about later! I think it’s going to be the biggest summer yet, as people are putting on their traveling shoes and seeing the Chlamydia-19 in their rear view mirror! I’ll be on the Cape from Memorial Day weekend until Sept. 17th so there’s no excused absence from my show!

Also exciting is the upcoming Atlantis Events trip to Club Med Cancun Apr 30-May7. This relaxing week offers an all-inclusive time of food, fun and frolicking, along with putting you way ahead of your friends for some good summer color!

But if you don’t have that much vacation time, you should at least be able to give me an evening Thur, June 2, at Club Cafe in Boston or Mon, June 27, at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach! These are two of my favorite show palaces!

Then in the autumn months, I’ll be traveling to back to Club Cafe in Boston, the Triad in NYC, the Milton Theater in Milton, DE, along with Atlantis Events vacations, and more to come!

So pack your bags and follow me for a great summer season!

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