Defying Gravity & Changing Pantyhose!


I had so much fun on my last Atlantis Events cruise with 5,500 of my closest friends! It was a thrilling and a tad terrifying ride across the back of the ship on a wavy and windy afternoon. But mostly it was truly exhilarating to be flown above a wonderful Tea Dance on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas.

And I must admit that one cannot be put into this flying exercise without at least mildly considering the chance of falling in the middle of such a beautiful song, “Defying Gravity”! That would be ironic!

In case you’re wondering, I was held onto the ring by only one wrist! So needless-to-say, I did wash out the pantyhose after that ride too!

Now for the next few weeks, I’m so excited to be home and working on my new show, “Bad Advice”. It’ll be unveiled Sat, April 22, in Binghamton, NY. I love to see my wonderful fans there and enjoy raising money for the Southern Tier AIDS Program.

But before that, I’m heading to Ft Lauderdale to do “Cancel Cultured Pearls” one more time on Sat, Mar 11. Hope you’ll join me and stay tuned for more about the new show!

XO, and one for Jesus!

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    • Darling Gary! Our bingos continue, but are much less frequent. So the next one will be on my birthday, Monday, April 24. Hope you can join us. We also archive all of them on my facebook fan page!

      • That’s great news, Miss R! MY birthday is on April 29. … Of course I am MUCH older than you. I turn 70 this year (although I look MUCH younger). To celebrate this milestone, my husband and I are flying off to Torremolinos Spain on the 25th for 3 weeks. They have Pride Fest at the end of April, so we will be checking that out 🎉💃. Hope your birthday is Great!

      • That sounds wonderful to celebrate. Such a great milestone in Spain! Enjoy that, and I’m really not that far behind you! But don’t tell anyone! LOL!

  1. Your new show sounds hilarious. You are missing the big storm.  I have 18” so far including 7.5 overnight. 

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