Summer 2022 is 20 for Me!


I just hosed down the plastic geraniums in front of my trailer to give it a fresh summer look! And now I must head for the bus depot to take that dirty dog to Provincetown. It’ll be a joyous Greyhound ride this year, as I celebrate my 20th season on the Cape! I’m not sure what your vacation plans are, but I’m hoping the Chlamydia-19 will be taking a break too, far away from us. Then we can all enjoy making new, mask-free memories.

Speaking of new, I’ve got a brand-new show, “Cancel Cultured Pearls”, which is a guide to surviving our sensitive, new world. I’m singing and dancing and celebrating this new cancel culture thing! It’s very exciting to be involved in something new! If you are going to be in Provincetown this summer, I’ll be doing 60 shows from May 28 – Sept 17 at the Pilgrim House. Special thanks to my summer sponsors – Atlantis EventsB\Well Dispensary, & Cool As A Moose.  

Now, if you’re NOT coming to Provincetown this summer, please don’t fret! Perhaps I’ll come to you! I’m bringing “Cancel Cultured Pearls” to New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Rehoboth Beach over the coming months, along with Atlantis Events cruises and resort dates. Make sure to consult my Date Book for more information.

I’m still playing bingo online! Please join me the last Monday of each month this summer for a fun-filled Bingo Bonanza at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT. I’ll be calling the balls: Mon, May 30, “Memorial Day Bingo” / Mon, June 27, “Pride Bingo” / Mon, July 25, “Summer Speedo Bingo” / Mon, Aug 29, “Dog Days Bingo”. Tune it at

Now I’m off like a prom dress! Hope to see you all this summer!!

XO, Miss R