2012! World Ending? I’m Opening!

2012! World Ending? I’m Opening!

Join me on the new Celebrity Summit out of San Juan March 17-24 for a spin around the southern Caribbean with Atlantis Events! Also I get the honor and thrill of working with several gay choruses in Chicago, Denver, and Boston. I’m also returning to some of my favorite cities and new locations! Check out my crazy schedule and get details in my “Date Book.”

Atlanta – 14th Street Playhouse, March 30 & 31
Chicago – Sidetracks, Gay Chorus Auction, April 14
Denver – Ritz-Carlton Hotel, April 21
Cancun – Club Med Atlantis Event, April 22-26
Philadelphia – Society Hill Playhouse, April 27-29
New York – Joe’s Pub, May 11
Boston – House of Blues, Gay Men’s Chorus, May 12
Provincetown – Crown & Anchor, May 25-Sept. 15
Rehoboth Beach, May 29-June 20
Portsmouth – The Music Hall, July 1, Aug. 5, Sept. 9
Binghamton – Remlik’s, Sept. 23
Chicago – Hydrate, Sept. 29-30

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