Crispy Christ Makes My V Day Special!

Crispy Christ Makes My V Day Special!

Feb 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day was not lonely for me this year, as Jesus was my date and dessert!

As many of you are aware, and probably shocked, that I’m still single! I keep reminding myself that other career gals like Liz Taylor, Ethel Merman and Mother Theresa couldn’t make it work with a man either, so I’m not worried. Perhaps I’m a threat with my successful ministry, my naturally raven hair, and my size 14 pumps.

Besides I don’t have time to be lonely, with so many dear, close, intimate acquaintances such as a very nice gal pal who created these darling and delicious baby Jesus cookies for the holiday season. Fortunately these cookies, like Jesus, are eternal and good for any season.

So now I take Jesus everywhere!

I even took these sacred snacks onboard the largest homo cruise ever with Atlantis Events, when we sailed the Allure of the Seas last week. It was nice, but not necessarily the quietest crowd. Personally, I’ve never seen so many young men enjoy dancing for days at a time.

My bunions were throbbing just watching them. I wished I brought more Crispy Christ’s along, because it looked like most of those boys could use a cracker … and a little Christ wouldn’t hurt either!

XO and one to Jesus!
Miss R

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