Finally, I’m Breaking Through!

Finally, I’m Breaking Through!

Nov. 1, 2010

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Voting is tomorrow! Please, please don’t forget! This is your chance to be like me – a star! Because unlike a beauty pageant that I won years ago, this contest is not judged by a few members of the chamber of commerce. This is judged by you and me and everybody! Even the stupid people! So get out there and be heard!

I’ll be voting in Richfield, even though it has been a busy autumn for this beauty queen! At the end of September, I just got in the door from spending the summer in Ptown when I was instructed to motor off to Philly for a 3-show run. I adore Philly and will be back soon when I can stay longer!

I did not have nearly enough time to see the attractions, because I had to head west for shows in San Diego, Los Angeles and Mexico – which is pretty much the same place with different names! Fortunately, I adore the Third World!

And soon I’ll be heading west again to San Francisco where the folks at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church welcome me for one-night only on Saturday, Nov. 6. For tickets and info, check out:

My trip to San Diego was funded privately for me to perform a short, yet meaningful program for my friend Maynard’s birthday. It was one of these fabulous California houses that in Richfield we’d call a “hotel.”

Much like you’d expect from these resourceful “fellows” with money, they fashioned an attractive AND functional performance space out nothing but particle board, scotch tape, and two athletic supporters!!

It all went down when I was 8 minutes into my blow-out, knock-em dead performance, where I sing all 5 toe-tapping songs in my musical repertoire!!! I was in the middle of the Jell-O song, which makes me tap my platformed toe, when we heard a bit of a rumbling and suddenly I was 2 1/2 feet shorter. Still singing, I completed the number, wiped myself off, and climbed out of the hole to take my well-deserved bow!

Now folks, there’s a professional!

I had a lovely stay in San Diego and went on to LA and the Mexican Riviera with Atlantis Events! And now I’m off to San Francisco and Las Vegas and Mexico – again!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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