Anyone Have Change For A $200 Peso?

Anyone Have Change For A $200 Peso?

November 21, 2008

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs,

I adore traveling, but there is nothing better than stepping off the bus in Richfield. My heart skips a beat as I get that first glimpse of the hitch on the front of my home I’ve been in Mexico since early October, and even a cultured gal like me can tire of piñatas, mariachi trumpets, and the constant sound of leaf blowers.

So I longed to return to blustery Minnesota! But I almost didn’t make the trip back because the bus in Puerto Vallarta requires exact change! They will also accept payment by tequila, live chickens or small brown babies, but I didn’t have any of those!

Then I started to panic and ran into a café for a cup of Sanka to calm my nerves. That’s when I found this nice young man who had pesos just hanging out of his bathing suit. He was just standing on the counter like he was waiting for me! I thought I died and went to heaven!

So I flashed him a 200 peso and he pointed to his pesos, and it looked like he had quite a few bills tucked away there. I suppose he couldn’t afford a wallet. Judging from his pointing and smiling, he obviously didn’t speak English, so I just helped myself and easily found the right change. Of course I needed to dig a bit for the coins, which were on the bottom.

He was so happy to serve me that he actually started dancing after I got my glove out of his trousers. I adore the Third World!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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