Scooting Back To My Home On Wheels!

Scooting Back To My Home On Wheels!

October 7, 2008

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs,

This is the last snap of me as I motored out of Ptown and drove the scooter back to my trailer in Richfield! It was a lovely trip, although I had to stop every 14 miles to plug-in and charge my battery! The 26-day, 7-hour and 48-minute journey gave me ample time to enjoy the sites of our proud land.

I particularly enjoyed the Amish country wherever that was. These simple, friendly folks offered quality handmade quilts, horse-drawn buggies, quiet children and more bearded hunks than you could shake a Bible at. There was a danger of whiplash for a bear lover like me.

My only regret was wearing open-toed sling backs as I strolled down the avenues. Fortunately I wear the Walgreens brand panty hose that I buy in bulk, because you can’t get THAT out of nylons. I tried.

And this last summer was another Richfield triumph in Ptown! I shared both the stage and dressing room with Varla Jean Merman. This red-headed Amazonian opera diva was a delightful addition to our entertainment line-up at the Art House, as well as a constant source of hair spray for me! The only challenge was allowing enough room for her cosmetics, which of course was a bit of an adjustment for a gal like me who never wears make-up.

Well, I must run now. I have to repot my plastic geraniums for this winter. They always look so welcoming and nicely cover the hitch of my home!

XO to each of you and one for Jesus!
Miss R

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