Tic Tac Joe Is The Way To Go!


May 1, 2007

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs,

Here I sit comfy on the Greyhound, as we make our way back from Hawaii. And if you’re ever taken the bus to Hawaii, you know it’s not the easiest place to get to and from.

Although I adore foreigners I must honestly say that getting back to the United States will be a relief. The Hawaiian people were wonderful to me, giving me a blooming flower for my hair, a lovely floral necklace, a fresh green leafy skirt, and a rather serious sinus infection from all the foliage.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the trailer, where there is no grass, as nothing can grow in my yard since my neighbor Buzz Hovelson spilled 13 gallons of used motor oil from his 87 Dodge Dart coupe. Such a shame, he’d been saving that oil for years, and in one day after the children were trying out their new semi-automatic rifle, it was gone. Oh those crazy kids!

No grass for the next few years, and my tap water with a grayish tint, but my sinuses have never felt better.

So now with all this cruise ship work and their non-stop buffets, I am forced back onto the Tic Tac Joe regime! So for the next few weeks, it’ll be 3 Tic Tacs and Sanka in the morning, 4 Tic Tacs and Sanka for lunch, and a sensible dinner!

Wish me luck!

XO and one to Jesus,
Miss R

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