Running to NYC … in Heels!


Where's that other handrail?!?Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m barely done rinsing gloves and pantyhose before I have to head out again after a very successful trip to Philly! And the brotherly love made me wish I could stay!

But now I have to take “2012: We’ll All Be Dead By Christmas” to my friends in New York City. This time I’m at Joe’s Pub on Friday, May 11. But before that on Wednesday, I’ll be on the radio with my friend Seth Rudeski. I’ll find out if it’s AM or FM, so maybe you can tune in!

I love New York City for so many reasons – the bustling streets, multiple cosmetic stores, and my excellent accommodations at the Manhattan Mini-Storage. It’s not as nice as the Howard Johnsons, but your first month is free!

It’s so important to bring this show to NYC because the people there are in such a hurry, I think they may not be aware that the world is ending. My only concern is not to incite panic. So I’ve chosen to make this show a celebratory look at the coming Armageddon.

XO, and one to Jesus,

Miss R

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