I’m on the radio with Seth – Siriusly!

Me and Seth! He just loves me!

Me and Seth! He just loves me!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m just back from New York City  where I enjoyed a hugely successful one-day run at Joe’s Pub. It was an exciting place to perform, but still good to be home for a short time before I head out to Ptown for my short 4-month run at the Crown and Anchor.

In NYC I was honored to be a guest on “Seth Speaks,” which is a completely accurate title! It’s on the Stars channel on Sirius XM, which is neither AM or FM – I asked!

Seth couldn’t have been nicer. We visited on the air with me for about 20 minutes, concluding with a musical saw rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” which he accompanied live on the baby grand in the studio.

I know a lot of other gals might think that a radio interview does not require proper attire or hygiene, and perhaps appear in a wrinkled blouse and curlers – as was the approach of many who were in the studio that day. But I wore my best bright, yellow suit and hat, to bring some light and joy to that dank, grey, godless mecca so many call home!

I hope to be back soon, as a number of folks said I have the perfect face for radio!

XO and one to Jesus, Miss R


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