I Can’t Stay Put!

Me & Mona - Are we twins?

Me & Mona – Are we twins?

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Opening shows in Ptown were a smash! And now I’m motoring to Rehoboth Beach, DE, where I’m hosting “Cooking’s Not A Drag” on Tuesday and “Rehoboth Beach Idol” on Wednesday at the Blue Moon.

Then I’m bussing to Portsmouth, NH, to bring “2012: We’ll All Be Dead By Christmas” to the Music Hall Loft on Saturday June 9 at 8 pm. Then back to Rehoboth Beach for another round of cooking and singing, before heading back to Ptown for weekend shows at the Crown and Anchor! Whew!

One of the advantages of traveling is meeting new friends, such as Mona Lotts who is pictured with me after our first Idol this year! Mona is an ample gal with a heart that matches her dress size, so as you can see – that’s a lot of love!

We enjoy performing together, but we much prefer to be looking for men on the Rehoboth boardwalk. So far we’ve not had any luck getting a date, but we do get a lot of questions about why we’re wearing stilettos with our 3-piece bathing suits. Beauty first!

XO and one for Jesus,

Miss R 1981

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  1. Miss R!

    Loved you at the blue moon in Rehoboth last week. Can’t wait to see you in Ptown this summer. Im bringing the entire Rotary club!!!

    Fast Eddie from DC!

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