Sunshine, lollipops & rainbows!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Provincetown, MA, gets more magical all the time! Just the other day I peered outside in despair at the clouds and rain, wishing it were sunny for my daily scoot down Commercial St. That’s when I invite average folks to my professionally produced, overly rehearsed, tightly scripted program, “2012: We’ll All Be Dead By Christmas!”

I no sooner stepped out the door when I looked up to discover not just one rainbow, but a double rainbow. Does it get more homo than that?!?

Of course not!

And even more fortunate – I was wearing my favorite pantsuit that evening. I adore the print and fit of this fashionable, 100% polyester, flame-retardant ensemble. For many years it was once just a sofa cover! Then after a brief and negative attack from my puss, it is now one of my favorite covers.

I hope all of you are planning on seeing me in Provincetown this summer. I’ll be here two weeks after Labor Day, into Mid-September in the Paramount at the Crown and Anchor. Watch for me out on the streets. Serves me right! I never learned to type!

XO and one to Jesus,

Miss R


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