Celebrating with celebs in Ptown!

Joshua McKinley from Project Runway!

Joshua McKinley from Project Runway!


Hi-dee-ho to all my darling prairie dogs!

Celebs continue to riddle my summer in Ptown! Perhaps it’s a weird, psychic pull that famous folks feel as they draw near me – and always man celebs! I’m sure there are several famous women in town, but strangely I never seem to bump into them!

Even with the excitement, I have very little time to do much more than take a quick photo, as I’m so active with my new show, “2012: We’ll All Be Dead By Christmas.” I think people are looking for a more positive, joyful approach to the impending Armageddon.

Mr. YouTube Davey Wavey!

Mr. YouTube Davey Wavey!

As you can see by my snaps, I had Project Runway Finalist Joshua McKinley at my show. Then comes along my YouTube buddy, Davey Wavey! Both so handsome and both at the same show on the same night! What an honor for me and my fans!

There’s still 5 weeks left of the summer. So don’t be a stranger! Join all the celebrities, the homos and many other strange people on the tip of Cape Cod!

XO and one for Jesus,

Miss R

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