Time to get to class & stand up!

Ben Cohen and me, standing up!

Ben Cohen and me, standing up!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I can’t believe it’s back-to-school time already! But it is clear to see that summer is coming to a close, as I head out to perform my quality program in the darkness of the evening with the cool autumn breeze gently moving the hair on my shoulders.

I should cover those bare shoulders, but my figure-flattering, multicolored stretchy bodysuit is a sight I feel obligated to share with the public even in the cooler temps.

I’ve always loved the fall, since the time I was a little girl in Richfield, Minn. I’ll never forget that first day of kindergarten as I headed out the door with my hair teased to Jesus in a perfect bouffant, fresh lipstick and my purse exactly matching my shiny red patent leather Mary Janes! Oh, to be 5 years old again!

Even as a child, I knew my future was in beauty and I had a standard to uphold. Unfortunately some of the other children didn’t understand the importance of outward beauty and occasionally poked fun at my coordinated outfits, carefully crafted hair and subtle cosmetics.

Ever since those days in kindergarten, I’ve committed myself to help other attractive children who find themselves at the hands of unkind words.

And now I’ve discovered other people doing the same thing, as I helped Ben Cohen raise money for his Stand Up Foundation! Ben and his gang are working to remind the kids not to bully! Let’s all help out by being nice to each other by our actions and our words, so the children learn by our example.

Even the unattractive ones!

XO and one for Jesus, Miss R


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