Heading Out to Sea!

Goodbye Third World!

Goodbye Third World!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

How is it possible that I must again leave Richfield, Minn?!? I just got off the Greyhound from my hugely successful summer tour of Ptown and other wonderful shows, most recently in Chicago. What fun to see so many friends and make new friends all summer and even into the early days of autumn.

So just as I got home and poured myself a warm cup of Sanka, I heard a knock at the door of my trailer. It was a few gals from my church, a member of our trailer park council, and most of my family welcoming me home and waving another bus ticket in the air.

“Go!” they all said, “Just go!”

It’s hard to believe the support I get from these good Midwestern folks. They all believe in my ministry of beauty and consider my time better spent on the road with an all-expense-paid bus ticket, one-way to anywhere!

Fortunately this time my tour takes me to cities that are close and in the same area of the country. So over the next few weeks I’ll be in:
Santa Fe on Oct. 26!
San Francisco on Oct. 27!
Atlantis Events cruise out of LA on Oct. 28-Nov. 3!
And ending with Atlantis Events in Puerto Vallarta on Nov 4-10!

That will go quickly! And I especially love a tour that ends in the Third World, as it makes me so homesick for Richfield!

XO and one for Jesus!
Miss R

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