It’s the month of L-O-V-E

I Gotta Heart On For You!

I Gotta Heart On For You!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs:

I hope you’re all experiencing a lot of love this month! I’m spending this Valentine’s Day with the one I love best – me! That’s right, I usually hit the buffet with my mother and dad, but this time I’m on the road to many places across the country and the world with my new show “Sweet & Sour Richfield – Made in China.”

In this all-new program, I am jumping on the latest American trend – outsourcing.  As I am always a “glass-is-not-completely-empty” gal, I embrace the opportunity to work internationally! So I’m good with China, India, Canada, or any other Third World communist country!

Currently I’m on my way to Australia, which will be great to finally see where they filmed the “Sound of Music.” Actually, we start in New Zealand and then motor to Aussie land for fun in the sun. My only concern is being upside down for that whole 10 days! I’m not sure what that’ll do to my gas problem, but I’m thinking my hair will be large and in charge, just the way I like it!

Do plan to see my shows in Philly & Ft Lauderdale. Or come to one of the special events, such as the Queer & Sober Bingo on St. Patty’s Day in NYC or “The Big Package Auction” for the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus on Sat, April 20, or “The 2nd Annual Diva Ball” for the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus on Sat, May 4.

So much FUN!! I love you all and will be posting more details and links soon!

XO and one for Jesus (who gave us the first Valentine’s Day – or was that Easter?!?)

Miss R



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  1. A couple years ago, I moved back South to Georgia after living in CT for almost 3 years. One thing I really miss was going into P-town and knowing I was going to see one of your shows!!! Btw: Just the title of your newest one made me crack up as usual. Lots of love to ya and all the best!!! Danny.

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