Can you hear ME?!?

Carnival Ptown! 2012

Carnival Ptown! 2012

Hello to all my prairie dogs!

Goodness it has been busy. I just got off the bus from Hong Kong! Let me tell you, that is a trip I don’t want to make more than 3 times a year.

But I did fall in love with the Orient! What a magnificent country, filled with a population all under a size 6. I traveled with Atlantis Events and we stopped at 7 ports in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and ended in Hong Kong.

It was especially interesting that each time we got off the ship, the same 12 people met us at the port. I asked how they got from one place to another and they never answered! I guess it’s one of those “ancient Chinese secrets!”

So today I’m pulling down my chinstrap and getting ready to head out to Chicago, where the Windy City waits for my return! I’ll be joining the those talented fellows of the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus for the Big Package Auction. Everybody’s welcome to attend – see details in my calendar!

I’m also preparing for a big summer in Ptown, MA, and Rehoboth Beach, DE, and Portsmouth, NH.

But even more imminent is my favorite holiday of the year – Arbor Day on April 26. Thank God it falls on a Friday this year! I trust many of you will make it a 3-day weekend! I love the holiday, but even more, I love April 27th, when all of the Arbor Day merchandise is 50 percent off. Make your calendars!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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  1. Dear Miss Richfield 1981,

    Thank you for two more great cruises, Atlantis Down Under and Atlantis Asia. You saved the day with your brilliantly (and swiftly) conceived telethon, taking our mind off the food hoarding on the way to Hong Kong. Come to San Francisco!

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