I’m Still Red, White & Kickin’



Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Good heavens, where did the summer go?!? I enjoyed an absolutely lovely time in Provincetown and Rehoboth Beach and Portsmouth and even Des Moines this summer!

So I haven’t been typing on my portable Smith Corona! I hope you’ll forgive me!

One of the highlights this summer was going to the lovely City of Philadelphia and taping a television commercial. We toured the city at the end of June and filmed in all sorts of areas, including the Rocky steps, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, Boathouse Row, and Independence Hall, which is pictured here!

The purpose of the ad was to attract homo visitors to Philly. (Personally, I think they’d have better luck just handing out drink tickets!)

So watch on Logo, Bravo and even the SciFy channel. Or just go to Visitphilly.com/gay and you’ll be able to watch me in action. Be careful! Watching this ad will definitely make you want to visit Philly and maybe even become a homo yourself!

Many thanks to my buddies Meryl, Bruce and Betsy at Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Nancy, Chris and Eric at Nancy Glass Productions. What a blast!

Smooch and one to Jesus!

Miss R

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  1. I wish my husband Mark got to see you in Provincetown this year but I broke my foot this summer and I’m still recovering. My vacation came to a screeching halt. So I’lm resting up for next summer. We love reading about your travels. Take care.

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