Legs to Jesus!

Legs to Jesus!

“V” is very, very extraordinary!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

San Fran, here I come! I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I’ve been to St. Aidan’s Church in the Motherland! I’m making my return on Sat, Oct. 26th, and tickets are available right now! See the info to the right of this article.

How glorious to be reunited with Rev. Tommy and his wonderful and generous parishioners. It’s a great place to entertain on Saturday and a wonderful experience to worship on Sunday morning.

But I can’t stay for services this time, as I’ll be boarding the Greyhound bound for Tijuana! And there I’ll transfer to El Mexicana De Buso, which is Mexican for Greyhound. It’s pretty much the same, but your luggage goes on top of the bus and you can bring up to 3 chickens, as long as they’re in crates or on leashes.

I must get to Puerto Vallarta and join the homos of Atlantis Events for a sun-drenched beach holiday. The best news is that this year is twice as long – and that’s always good to hear. Two weeks in a lovely resort filled with buffets and Lyrcra and music and fun, fun, fun!

Then it’s back to LA for an Atlantis Events cruise to – of all places – Mexico!

I just never tire of the Third World.

XO and one for Jesus!

Miss R

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  1. Was listening to pandora station and love your closing theme song played both of us said at same time omg Miss Richfield 1981. Thanks for the Sunday afternoon laugh. Jack and Sam The menoneleven Jacksonville Florida.

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