Ptown show tickets now on sale!

Rainbows are everywhere in Ptown

Rainbows are everywhere in Ptown!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Today I sit at my kitchen table, sipping a re-warmed cup of Sanka and eating the other half of a Danish from yesterday, as I watch the ice melting off my trailer! There is nothing better than hearing the sheets of frozen water slide down the aluminum roof and smash onto the cinder blocks at my front door.

It’s springtime in Richfield! Now I must take the plastic off the windows, tune up the Huffy 3-speed, and take down the Nativity scene from the front hitch of my home.

It also means that the ladies at A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Lutheran Church in Richfield, my home congregation, will purchase a Greyhound Bus ticket for Ptown – one way! It’s strange that this annual tradition seems to bring them as much joy as it does me – and I’m the only one who’s leaving!

Tickets are on sale now for my new show, “Play With My Poodle,” at the Crown & Anchor in the Paramount from Memorial Day until the middle of September! Good heavens, I’d stay longer, but generally I’m so homesick for Richfield that I must get back by October before the first snow fall.

So please keep an eye out in the next week or so, as I’ll be jotting notices and details of other favorite summer activities! I’ll be at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach 3 times this summer, a couple dates at the Music Hall Loft in Portsmouth, and singing with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus too! More details on each of those special places and faces later!

XO and one to Jesus!

Miss R

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