Beauty On the Beach!


Which is the real beauty queen?!?

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m loving the sunshine, sea & sand, as I frolic in my two-piece and celebrate summer in Ptown, Rehoboth Beach and Portsmouth. What a lucky lady!

This amazing sand monument was crafted earlier in May on the beaches of Cancun, where the Mexicans do such a professional and thorough job. And as flattered as I was at the precision of this sculpture, I think it makes me look a bit heavy. But I didn’t complain, since no one would understand me!

Now speaking of beaches, I’ll be enjoying a lot of them this summer and hope you are planning to join me up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I never tire of this work in such lovely surroundings with such lovely people.

And please, please don’t let the weather scare you. It’s been a crazy winter and spring! Just follow my lead – put on your yellow slicker, wear your highest shoes, pull the chinstrap down, so your hair doesn’t fly off and head into the fresh ocean wind like Jesus is blowing in your face!

XO and one for Jesus!

Miss R

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