Celebrating Summer & Planning My Fall!

Billie Jean & Ilana & me!

Billie Jean & Ilana & me!

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I am celebrating a fabulous summer as I leave old Cape Cod, Rehoboth Beach and Portsmouth! Many thanks to those who visited and saw my quality program “Play With My Poodle.”

The audience prize, however, goes to my new friends Billie Jean and Ilana. What a thrill to have a couple of athletic, well-toned gals, like myself, attend the show. I offered to sneak them in for free, because I can’t imagine playing tennis pays very well, but they insisted on buying tickets!

Other than Billie and Ilana, it was pretty much the ordinary riff raff from New Jersey, Long Island, Springfield, Northampton, Philly, and always my fans from Newton (Shalom!) – all of whom I adore!

As I prepare to leave this sleepy fishing village, I realize it’s time to update you on my fall agenda. I will be touring to Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, LA, Palm Springs – and of course, my dear, fun Atlantis cruise and Puerto Vallarta resort events!

Check out the date book to see where the Greyhound takes me next!

XO and one for Jesus,

Miss R

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