Outstanding Citizen of the Year!

Richfield Human Rights Commission

Richfield Human Rights Commission: (L-R) Vice Chair Deborah Eng, Sara Gumke, RHS student representative Swopnil Shrestha, Jeff Wright, and HRC Chair Mark Westergaard.

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I am so very proud of my hometown – Richfield, MN! I motored back to the Land of Lakes last week to receive the “2015 Gene & Mary Jacobsen Outstanding Citizen Award”!

Honored and thrilled couldn’t begin to express my feelings for my home, sweet, home! My family has a long history in Richfield, dating back to my grandfather carrying mail at a time when they had to deliver it twice a day!

Then things got more interesting when my mother’s family moved directly across the street from my dad’s family. The two dated, which was easy because my father could back down his driveway, across the street, and into my mom’s driveway to pick her up for a night on the town.

After marrying in 1951 and completing military service, the two bought a home in Richfield and raised a family of four.

Although my father’s been gone since December of 2000, my mom was able to be there on Tuesday night for the festivities and award ceremony. I was honored at a beautiful reception, which was attended by many dear friends.

My mom Barb, me and the cake!

My mom Barb, me and the cake!

But the greatest honor was to be included in the Richfield City Council Meeting at 7 pm. Such kind words of introduction were shared by Council Member Edwina Garcia, a great leader in the community of many years & role model for all Richfield gals! Then more kind words and a proclamation from Richfield Human Rights Commission Chair Mark Westergaard. Then the presentation of a lovely plaque given by Kim Jacobsen, son of Gene & Mary, the namesake of the award.

You many think that this is a brave step for this community, but it is only one of many wonderful commitments to diversity! Many years ago Richfield was one of the first cities to give domestic partnership rights to employees and more recently, the city council committed to the “Vote NO” campaign that would have restricted gay marriage.

Here is one more reason to love Richfield!

And I do!

XO to my dear Richfield, Miss R

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