Ready to Hit the Road!

Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

Hi Dee Ho to all my darling prairie dogs!

As you can see, I’m ready to get back on the road after a lovely season in Ptown.

All of you who visited me this summer know that the town was filled to the brim with fun crowds, amazing entertainers and beautiful weather! I also made many appearances at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach and the Cutting Room in NYC.

One of the many thrills this summer was sharing my stage with Broadway legends Barbara Cook and Shirley Jones, along with Jennifer Holiday and Billy Porter. Being a popular and successful bingo gal, I know how challenging life-on-the-road can be, so I did what I could to help and left my make-up drawer open. Interesting that only Billy took advantage of that. I’m not sure what he used, but I think he looked better than ever under those exceptionally bright Ptown lights!

But enough of the past! I need to prepare for my future dates in Chicago, San Diego, and my Atlantis Events cruise and resort week in Puerto Vallarta.

I’ll also be launching my holiday show, “Christmas Cone of Silence” at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis the first 3 weekends of December. Tickets are already on sale. And I make my annual holiday trip to Rehoboth Beach and Ptown right after Christmas for special shows.

So keep your eyes open and I hope to see you at one of these exciting events!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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