New Year, New Lives


New Year’s story time at the Ptown Public Library

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I had a lovely time, closing out 2017 and looking ahead to the New Year! I was in Ptown to perform my quality holiday multi-media extravaganza at the Pilgrim House.

But before I did my show, I was invited to be part of a children’s story time at the Provincetown Public Library. And if you ever find yourself depressed and scared about the future, just spend some time with our kids and you’ll be encouraged!

I was so impressed with these little guys and gals. We had fun reading and talking and I even played  “Over the Rainbow” on my musical saw! It just seemed perfect with the diversity theme that was set up by Emily at the Family Equality Council.

We had cookies too, provided by my pals at the Pilgrim House!

So I’m not heading into 2018 shaking in my boots! I’m shaking my maracas and my tambourine, and skipping into the new year! I wish the same for all of you! And don’t forget to check my date book, as I’m heading out to New York City, Rochester, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Washington DC, along with my wonderful Atlantis cruises!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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  1. Happy New Year doll !

    Hon, when are you scheduled to play Atlanterrrrr (my Boston accent coming through) ? Anywho, I remember seeing you at the 14th Street Playhouse and will not forget you picking on a black gal in the audience by calling her Leroy. I nearly peed my pants.

    Look forward to seeing you perform here soon.



    • I can’t remember where in Atlanta I’ll be playing, but I’ll post it soon. Adore Atlanta. Sad there is no 14th St Playhouse any more! But we found a new place … somewhere in Atlanta!

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