I’m Sharing the Good News!


fullsizeoutput_3a4aHello to all my darling prairie dogs!

I’m jotting a quick note, as I head to the bus depot for my next Greyhound excursion. I have to hurry, as I take my ministry on the road to Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Tampa/St. Pete’s, and my first-ever visit to the lovely City of Rochester, NY!

Such fun places and so many new friends to meet with my new show, “Born Again.”

Many of you know that I spent the last two years rubbing shoulders with our political system. I ran for President in 2016 with “Red Lips to the White House.” Then I attempted to create a more livable world through vertical reality in “2020 Vision.”

But I’ve moved on to the spiritual realm, which I’m finding is a perfect fit for me and my beauty career. Since I’m already so pretty on the outside, and that’s what people see first, I think this spiritual approach could be fun for awhile.

I’m finding there are many opinions and ideas out there about church and so forth. And I may be on the verge of finding the true religion that could finally put all this fussing and fighting behind us!

So come see me and tell me about your spiritual journey. Mine starts on the bus!

XO and one for Jesus,
Miss R

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