Shop ’til ya drop!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

Fashion, fabulous, and fun are my words to you today, as I launch my new line of gorgeous little things in My Store.

Thanks to Red Bubble, I have new clothing, mugs, bags, phone covers, pillows, stickers and pretty much anything you can slap my puss on!

That’s right, it lets you take any one of several designs and put it on whatever you like.

So I put this new venture to the test and did a little shopping of my own. It may surprise you, but just because I’m a beauty professional with my own line of products, I still have to order like everyone else. So I did, and found the process to be easy and the delivery timely!

Just check out “My Store” here on the site. You’ll see we still have some of the original products, like my limited-edition bobble head and magnets too!

Happy Shopping!!!

XO and one for Jesus,


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