Tickets On Sale NOW!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

So much fun to announce that 2021 Ptown tickets are ON SALE NOW! I’m doing my whole summer season just like before this terrible scourge of the chlamydia-19.

The Pilgrim House will be my home for the 4th season! What a joy it is to work with Ken, David, Chris, another David and so many others who make my summer fun and glamorous. And you’ll be surprised at some of the changes on the property and in my theater! It’s bigger and better!

The more open design is going to make you feel safer and more comfortable while watching my new show, “40 Years On the Throne”. It’s honoring my 4 decade of professional beauty! I’ll be celebrating fun memories, while introducing plans for my next 4 decades!

So please reserve your tickets today. I’m fairly certain our numbers will be reduced, since I know we’ll continue to practice safe distancing and mask wearing!!!

And as I get ready for the summer, I’m also continuing to grab my balls and play every Monday at Bingo Bonanza! What other plans do you have on a Monday night! Start the week off right and join me for bingo, live guests, Louis, and always a song or video or something to brighten the start of your week.

XO and one for Jesus!


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  1. Hi Russ! Hope that you are well and will be back in South Florida soon! Please let me know if and when so that we can get a group together. John and Shel Goldstein

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