On the Road Again … FINALLY!


Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

This may not be coherent, as I’m packing my hot rollers and jotting this short note at the same time! I absolutely must be prepared for my first trips of 2021 to Cancun, Mexico, and Rochester, NY!

First I’ll be with my darling Atlantis Events May 1-7 at Club Med on a gorgeous and roomy peninsula of Cancun! I adore Rich, James, Christopher, Malcolm and the gang who have endured me since 1999. You know I started traveling with them as an 8-year-old child!

And I’ll no sooner step foot off the Mexican bus, than I’ll be boarding the Greyhound to see my dear friends Eric and Thurston and Mrs. Kasha Davis in Rochester, NY, for one show only on Sat, May 8. We’ll be celebrating the return of live shows in the new digs for the OFC Creations Theatre. So no more shows at the Kodak bowling alley, this is the real deal! And you know it’s legit when they spell “theater” wrong!

Rochester is on sale now, so buy Ticket Here!

Now that you’re all caught up, I need to get packing! And if you can’t make one of those shows, maybe you can stop in and see me in Ptown! I’ll be at the Pilgrim House all summer long! Tickets are on sale for that too!

XO and one for Jesus, MR’81

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