On the Cape! On the Stage! On the High Seas!



So sorry for the radio silence! I’ve been busy in some really great ways! Summer has been a blessing for this gal in Ptown. We’re operating at full-capacity with proper health precautions and having a great time at the Pilgrim House. My anniversary show, “40 Years On the Throne”, is proving to be a fun romp down memory lane, along with new lessons in beauty and pageantry!

And I’m still doing my Bingo Bonanza every Monday night at 8 ET, 7 CT, and 5 for our friends on the West Coast. I’m bringing Louis with me to the dressing room at the Pilgrim House and broadcasting before my 9 pm show every Monday.

Also traveling in style with my friends at Boston Harbor Cruises. Jeanne, Matthew, Donal and the gang offered me a round trip ride to Boston and back with the Bears! It’s a beautiful way to come and go from town.

So there’s a way for all of you to see me either on Monday Bingo Bonanza, or Mon-Fri at the Pilgrim House, or on the high seas! I’m everywhere!

XO and one for Jesus,

Miss R

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