What Would Jesus Do? Dance!

What Would Jesus Do? Dance!

May 6, 2009

Hello to all my darling prairie dogs!

And a very special “hola” to my Mexican friends! I realize this is a day late for Cinco de Mayo, but I find most Mexicans generally don’t know what day it is anyway!

Super duper sorry for the delay in corresponding with you folks! If it wasn’t for a Mexican holiday, I may never have written again!

But Mexico holds a special place for me since I met Jesus there last year. Yes, there I was on Halloween with my friend Cashetta, jumping around to that god-awful pots-and-pans music that the boys dance to these days. As I glanced across the floor, I spied this handsome thing with thick locks of hair, a bushy beard and a flowing robe with matching sandals.

Well, many of you know that I adore the bears and I’m half Jewish (from the waist up). I’ve always gone for the dark, seamy, unwashed, scrubby, I-just-parked-my-camel-out-back sort of fellows! That’s why last December I cancelled my Christmas show at Gitmo, because I just knew I would have ended up married to one of those darn terrorists!

Then upon closer inspection, I realized that it wasn’t just your ordinary sand-traveler. Dear God, this was my Lord and Savior!

At first I thought, “What’s Jesus doing in Mexico on Halloween?” Then I thought, “What’s Jesus doing in Mexico period?!?”

I took Cashetta with me, after explaining who Jesus was and making her promise to leave him alone! Goodness, Jesus was much shorter than I’d imagined, but isn’t that always way with celebs?!?

We chatted and I thanked him again for his ultimate sacrifice. Then we took this lovely snap and just like 2,000 years ago, he was gone. Just like that! Gone!

Thank heavens I have the photo to remember, and a toilet paper cozy of him rising from the dead that my mother crocheted in 1974.

I’m preparing for Ptown! Are you?

XO and one to Jesus!
Miss R

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